• 01/2022 how is quiescence of adult neural stem cells regulated? the Berninger lab uncovers a crucial role of Yap1 in controlling the activation process. happy that we could contribute.

  • 01/2022 our new lab website is online!

  • 11/2021 congrats, Hanna received a IZKF MD-thesis fellowship

  • 11/2021 Sven will give a talk at the SyStem meeting in March 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

  • 11/2021 we will be at the EMBO workshop on neural stem cells in June 2022 in Kyllini, Greece.

  • 10/2021 congrats, Lia received a GRK2162 MD-thesis fellowship

  • 10/2021 how is cellular identity engraved and how can it be changed? our review detailing some of our current thoughts is published in current opinion in genetics & development.

  • 10/2021 Hanna and Lia, our first medical students joined the lab.